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Analysis plus oval 12

The best speaker cables Ive used. Excellent 3d imaging, bass extension without any mud, and overtones come thru better then anything Ive heard. Very musically alive sound. These will give your sound system the best sound possible with the only exception being analysis pluss upper line of speaker cables in my opinion. Even so I dont think anyone would be dissapointed in them.

- Kevin B, TX
Analysis Plus Oval 12 speaker cable

I have the regular Oval 12 rather then the bioval version. I got it as an upgrade to Audioquest Rockit 44 speaker cable. The Analysis plus is a little more fun sounding to me. With little more rearward imageing and a tad bit more upper treble. While the Audioquest might more appeal to purists I find the Analysis plus a bit more get up and dance oriented without loosing any difinition or full spectrum sound. I use Denon componants and Monitor Audio BR5 speakers. I rate the Analysis Plus oval 12 a best choice for audiophiles who like to dance to their music without sacrificing detail and top notch sound qaulity.

- Kevin B, TX