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Neutral, Transparent and Amazing Sound

I was very skeptical about spending $600 on these cables, however, one month in now and these cables are the most neutral, transparent and detailed cables I've ever heard. Using with MartinLogan Theos speakers which I purchased at the same time. After install the Theos speakers I experimented with older Tara Labs and AudioQuest speaker cables I had laying around, then plugged in the Oval 9s. Wow! Huge improvement in the soundstage width and depth plus the clarity of the treble and even the bass improved. They take the Theos speakers to a whole new level of performance. If you own good quality speakers and want the best sound you need to invest in quality cables. There are no short-cuts.

- Byron L, KY
Who would have thunk it?

These are simply amazing! Sound staging, articulation, and accuracy are perfect. Try them and youll believe too.

- Terry F, TN
The best for this price point

Ive owned 12 different sets of speaker cables, and these are far and away the best. Soundstaging,, accuracy and detail are all superb.

- Terry F, TN