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Strongly Recommended

I love classical music and jazz, in stereo and multichannel formats. My first impression with this cable was a wider and much deeper sound stage. Instruments seemed more precisely placed and there seemed to be more places for them between the KEF speakers. The Oval 12s sent the bass deeper and clearer than I have ever heard from the KEFs. A bowed string bass sounds just incredible. A plucked bass, ex. Diana Krall, is fast, clear and impacts you like a subwoofer should. The mid range is warm, which is important on to me. Woodwinds and mid range brass are smooth and very live sounding. Violins no longed sound harsh. I understand why product review writers can become so excited about well done highs. These Oval 12s have a clarity and extension that is hard to describe. The highs just appear in space, there is no longer a sense of a speaker out there. You can hear the decay of a cymbal or triangle go to infinity. The upper limits of a violin are so crisp, clear and precise. All the great musical qualities of the Oval 12s are obvious playing both music and movies. I am very pleased with my choice of these cables and strongly recommend I you wish to give them a try.

- Casey L, CT
So Pleased And Have Already Sold A Friend

I have always maintained that cables are very system dependant and you must hear them before committing to buying them. The trouble is, its impossible to hear them with your equipment and room sound before you buy. Now let me state unconditionally these A+ Oval 12 cables are the best sounding speaker cables I have ever heard in my home. I had been using Nordost Blue Heaven cables. I also had Blue Heaven interconnects but after comparing them to A+ Silver Oval cables I was so impressed by the improvement I decided to give their speaker cables a try. I was not prepared for how good these OVal 12 cables sounded in my system. They trounced the Nordost cables in every parameter. Right from the box I heard an expanded soundstage - wider, taller and deeper. They also sounded faster and clearer with superb balance. 12s do not emphasize one frequency spectrum to the detriment of others, they sound natural and balanced. I can't say enough great things about these cables. I have already convinced one friend to try them and he agrees they are the best speaker cable he's heard. The guys at Advisor were great to deal with, BTW. Cheers.

Timothy L. O
Five Star Product

With the Oval 12 speaker cables - even without any break-in my music has became more exciting, realistic and involving. Bass is strong and solid. The soundstage sounds expansive and precise. Mids and highs are crystal clear. It took me only a few minutes of listening to realize the high quality of these cables and fall in love with the sound. Five Stars - All 'round.

- Gale S, OK
Very Highly Recommended

Wow! Night and day difference! I never thought I would be able to hear such a difference in cables. Compared to my old MITs, the Oval 12s sound crystal clear and open. There is much more depth and high are to die for. Music seems to take on a 3D image. Crymbals are more than 3D - they are palpable. I've heard systems with $5,000 speakers that did not sound as good as my system with Oval 12s. Very Highly Recommended!

- The Z-Man, MN
Worth the Price

After only a few days of listening I am VERY impressed by the imaging and detail of this wire. I'm not one to spend a lot of money on accessories like cables, but these are well worth the money and I'm keeping them in my system. The overall quality of the sound is energetic, real warm and smooth in the midrange without overpowering the other frequencies. Bass is not overbearing but palpable an solid. Real smooth, warm wide-open sound. Keeper!

- Robert B, AZ
Blew My Old Cables In The Weeds

Owned these cables for six months now. Bought them thru a recommendation of a good friend. The AP Black Ovals blew my old favorite cables by van den hul in the weeds. Especially the midrange. Treble is more expended. Bass is not as prominant or emphasized but sounds just right. My system has MF integrated, Dynaudio monitors, Rotel CD and Rega TT. Currently using van den hul interconnects but plan to get AP cables next month.

S Sharkar
More Musical Energy.

Without any break in these Oval 12s seem to infuse my system with more musical energy. Music is more exciting and inviting. Bass comes through as strong and tight but not overemphasized. Soundstage is precise and mids and highs are clean and open. I only needed ten seconds to hear the improvement and can't wait until these break in and become even better.

- Allan Reed, CT
FAnstastic Bargain!

In twenty years of being an audio nut these A+ cables are the best sounding speaker cables I have had in my home. I was using Nordost Blue Heaven cables but after moving my room around they were too short. A friend keep raving about his A+ cables so I decided to give them a run. I was not prepared for how good these cables sounded in my system! They trounced the Blue Heaven. Right out of hte box they increased the size of the soundstage dimensions and are faster and cleaner sounding. The A+ sound more balanced to the point that they exposed the Blue Heaven's over-emphasis of the lower treble/midrange that I didnt notice previously. I am very please with this cable. For the money I think they are a fantastic bargain! Using with Rogue amp, Wilson Shasha speakers and modified Oppo player.

- Greg Powell, FL
Sonic Bliss

This is my first really good pair of speaker cables and I can't believe I waited this long. Black Oval sound so much better than my old cables. More bass - not heavy bass - quality bass. Fuller mid-band filled with loads and loads of details. Highs that go on forever. Bliss. Thank you!

- Kirkwood D, ID
Highly Recommended

Right out of the box these cables were an improvement over my Ultralink Excelsior bi-wire cables. Sound is more refined, bass guitar has that distinct 'growl', low and upper bass more focus. Mids are more present than before and highs are now refined, detailed, and airy. The sound of cymbal 'decaying' is more present - more realistic. Highly recommended.

Dr. Mike