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Analysis Plus copper oval

Ordered a half meter pair. As an upgrade for me from audioquest diamondback pair. Ive been so impressed by the more enjoyed sound of AP black oval speaker cable over my prev fave of audioquest rocket33. The Analysis plus giving better air and detai top to bottom along with larger soundstage front to back. Once isntalled, my first reaction was yes except for weak bass compared the the audioquest. Excellent detail and qaulity just a little weak sounding in comparrison. After about 5 and half to six hrs of playtime this problem started to dissapear. And by 12 hrs burn in time I think their at maximum performance or near it. Little things like rain sounding more like rain. The eire air atmosphere soundbeds in some horror movies and such more palpable. The copper plus interconnect give my cd/dvd player Denon DVD1940CI that little bit better, more detailed and natural sounding advantage Ive come to love from Analysis plus cables. The cable is wired with the braid and inner black jacketed wire to ground and the inner purple jacketed wire to tip positive. Like in better electric guitar wiring for best noise rejection and less possibility of outside electric and magnetic interference. The box audio adviser sent me while marked for half meter pair accidentally had a single 2 meter one. So after talking with the great folks at Audioadviser it was decided Id keep the cable and cut it in half and add my own rca plugs to the cut ends. So I called AP to verify how to wire the two new rcas added top give me a pair isntead of single cable.

- Kevin B, TX