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One of my favorite purchases ever.

I bought the rDackKW a few months ago on sale without the rWand attachment and I ended up buying the rDongle. I paid $299 for just the unit. So you are getting a heck of a deal. This unit is really fun when using the wifi. I can play music on my office computer and can listen in the living room. Its a really fun to play with and sounds very good. I decided to try it on my computer via USB. I wanted to try it with my different headphone set-ups and it hasnt moved since. I have a nice headphone set-up and with this rdac it sounds great. The the extension on both ends is very good and best of all is the information retrieval and the naturalness of the music. It was a big step up from the odac which it replaced. If you have a nice headphone set-up you are bound to love this thing.

- Robert P, OH