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Audiophile cables at an unbelievable price.

I am convinced that these are the absolute best rca interconnects that you can get for 100.00. I have tried many. And none at this price even COME CLOSE to the build quality of these cables. The sound is accurate, detailed with layers of decay fades I never noticed on tracks that Ive heard a hundred times. Stunning bass performance with a vivid and true, realistic midrange. My highest recommendation.

Shirley R
The best cables you can get for anywhere near their price.

As an avid audiophile and sound professional, I love these cables. Used them from my OPPO 105D outputs into my Yamaha RX-A3040 for 5.1 and they sound amazing! Takes full advantage of the fine ESS Technology SABRE32 Reference ES9018 DACs. Needs to be burned in as all audio components do, but the time spent is worth it. Highly recommended!

- Dave M, CA
A change for the better

I was a tad skeptical that this or any cable upgrade would be audible. My system is on the low end of mid-fi so I was not sure this was a smart investment. While the change was not mind blowing it deffinetly has toned down a brightness and quieted the noise floor. Cable upgrades do work.

Great Value and Outstanding Performance

As with Pangea products AA has done it again with the affordable Black Mamba IIs. Nice warm sound without being dull, lifeless, or too much of a good thing. Good balance all the way around. I dont know how long they take to run in but sound great after 3 days of use!

- Scott A, CA
I was a skeptic!

Tim convinced me to get this cable. I wanted Hero Kimber at twice the price, and he said Black Mamba II was even better. I was xtremely skeptical because I didnt care for the Diamond Backs by audioquest. I liked Kimber PBJ much better. Now after only 2 hours of burn-in, I am a true believer in Mamba II! Better background quietness,focus, staging, tonal balance, naturalness, detail, emotional involvement. My recommendation is to try this cable before you try anything else. Thanks, Tim!

- Phil M, CA
Remarkable Difference

What an remarkable difference the Black Mamba II made compared to my Monster interconnects! I ran the Black Mambas from my pre-amp to my main amp. They made my music literally come alive. The soundstage opened up, there was more depth to the music, and I heard details never heard before. I never thought a cable could make such a difference. This was an amazing upgrade at an even more amazing price. Thanks.

- Del H, CA
A deal too good to pass up

Ive long been a believer that cables can make a dramatic difference in ones system. Not too long ago, I discovered through the purchase of several Pangea power cords that they too could make a very demonstrable difference in my system, and have been thoroughly satisfied with my purchase of the Pangea AC-9 power cord for my Adcom GFA-5800 amp, as well as two Pangea AC-14SE cords for my Parasound PLD-1100 preamp and Marantz SA-8001 SACD player. So, what could I do now to improve my system further, that wouldnt require a large outlay of cash? I was already using Monster M-1000i interconnects from my preamp to my power amp, and was very pleased. Then, I spotted the Audioquest Black Mamba II cables, and my wife paid for my order of a set for my Fathers Day gift. WOW! I know interconnects make big differences, but I wasnt quite prepared for as many different improvements the Black Mamba II made: better imaging; noticeably deeper soundstage; improved clarity and definition; and a dramatic reduction of what I would term mid-range screech which certain CDs, though rarely SACDs, exhibit. At $160 for a 3 meter set, the Black Mamba IIs are an out and out steal.

- Ed M, SC
worth the money

much better than the monster i400 it replaced. i just cant believe how much clearer the midrange is now. its not a cheap cable, but it was worth the price.

- nick e, CA
Beautiful smooth sound

These are wonderful cables especially for the price. Had a lower cable of the same mfg. and these just so much more articulate sounding and they are not even fully broken in yet........... Nice.

- Stephanie C, CA
Non-fatiguing sound

I purchased the original version of the Black Mamba. Ive been using it in my office in conjunction with a tube amplifier driving Stax headphones, and I decided to take these interconnects home. I replaced them with Monster Cable, just a bit above their mass market stuff, and then forgot I had done that. I was listening to Debussys Prelude to an Afternoon with a Faun, and in the middle of this piece, I thought to myself, Somethings not right about the sound Im hearing. The whole reason for using a tube amp was to avoid the irritating sound of strings through a transistor amp. And then I remembered I had switched the cables. I immediately put them back, and switched them back and forth a couple times, and the difference in sound was repeatable. I had never heard cables make a difference in sound before! Definitely recommended!

- Sam F, WA