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Ive gone to the Dark Side

I recently borrowed an Ayre Acoustics QB-9 Asynchronous USB DAC, a pair of excellent XLR cables, and a AQ Diamond USB cable. I used these with my custom PC running JRiver Media Center 17 in WASAPI Event-style output mode, with a STAX SRM007t FET/triode driver unit into SR007 Omega II electrostatic headphones. With the Diamond cable, the sound quality was simply stunning! The bass was much better defined in 3D, the mids were super clear, and the highs were crisp and clean. Swapping in my AQ Forest USB cable made a LARGE change in sound quality in the wrong direction. I would have bet a big chunk of money that the Diamond cable would have made little to no change in sound quality -- I would have lost that bet.

- Scott B, CA