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Very Nice DAC...Great Sound..Very Cool

After reading a recent professional review and doing much research this is the DAC to have. I use it with an Audioquest Big Sur interconnect to my audio hi-fi pre-amp..sounds great thru my home hi-fi system..You cant go wrong with this DAC.

- C A, UT
Definate difference

I use Apple lossless in itunes with Amarra HIFI, ST70 stock amp and JBL bookshelf speakers. The piano upper ranges on my macbook soundcard produced a very noticeable upper range FM-DX7 sound. I knew Danny Wright used a real grand so it had to be the hardware/software. Sill testing but the FM is completely gone. Great deal for $99.

- Bruce V, TX
Amazing !!

This is the best $100 tweak I have ever heard. Think your headphone out is good on your PC ?? well you heard nothin yet. EVERYTHING IS BETTER ! Timber, Bass, 3d sound stage , timing , this thing just makes MUSIC It makes bad recordings sound good and good recordings sound EPIC !!!

- Gus K, CA