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evergreen rcas

I picked up a pair of these for my pro-ject debut carbon turntable and tube box phono line level preamp and love em. They made a favorable change in the overall dynamics of the music. I do recommend the acrylit platter for this turntable...again, a very positive change. Highly recommended

- Wayne O, TN
Im hearing more music

This interconnect has brought out more detail and presence from my pc based music system than I thought was possible from just a cable change. It takes the sound of my recently purchased Parasound zDac to an even more enjoyable level. Very happy with this purchase.

- Dan R, GA
A Clear Improvement

AudioQuests entry level interconnect provides a noticeable improvement in the presence and impact of my music, compared to the ordinary cable connections purchased at a big box store. Through the Parasound Zdac, it lets every aspect of the music come through at a higher level.

- Dan R, GA
Great interconnect!

I could not be more pleased with this cable! I wanted an affordable cable between my Onkyo C-7030 hi-res CD player and my vintage McIntosh equipment, running into classic old Polk SDA speakers. Everything sounds so well-balanced and detailed! On some of my better recorded and mastered CDs like Cha Cha De Amor Capitol, the vocals, horns, and bongos sound like they are in the room! Its mesmerizing!

- George P, OH