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AudioQuest Y-Adapter-1Male to 2 Female RCAs

Ulta precision machined adapter. I use it from my HD tuner to connect to 2 preamps. AudioQuest hit this one out of the park! *****PERFECT*****

- A.R. D, CA
Indespensible for certain uses! Excellent product!

This gold plated male to double female RCA adaptor is very solidly made, and ideal for certain uses. For example, I am now able to connect my tubed line level preamps output has a single pair of RCA output jacks to BOTH my amplifier AND my powered sub. I firmly believe that there is some sound degradation going THROUGH the sub and then the amp, so I would rather connect both the amp and sub directly at the preamps output. There is more flexibility in my 2-channel system this way, and better sound quality!

- George P, OH