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High performance at a reasonable price

The construction quality of this cable is 1st rate. The molded plugs fit tight and snug. Its flexible enough to be able to conform to tight confines. Its light enough not to stress the IEC receptacles on source components, that its designed for and they look good too. I bought 3 cables for my 3 piece digital system. The improvement over the stock cables was jaw dropping right out of the box and got better after they had burned in. Everything improved, especially the bass. These cables work well for source components, but I recommend a heavier gauge cable for high power amplifiers and subwoofers.

Cost Effective Upgrade

This cable gave me a significant improvement over my stock power cables for a very reasonable price. The increase in soundstage depth, bass slam, and presence is not subtle. I was amazed at the difference. The construction of the cable is first rate with high quality IEC connectors. The cable while being robustly built is still flexible enough to bend to conform to tight applications.

- Dave S, OH