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Audioquest Q Feet aint two left feet

Due to economic restraint upgrading my cdp wasnt an option, a friend guided me on the path of vibration control. The Q feet seemed to me technically to be the step forward from a brass cone. Placing 4 Q Feet under my vincent cds6 mk2, i was the loose bass and the muffled voices exited stage left. The soundstage realy opend up in front of me. stageing was well focused, bass extension was deep and defined. Treble seemed toned down a bit, though smoothed and relaxed. And the all important mid range was brought forward a touch with a nice sheen of intimacy. Although these changes were minute in difference, they were still noticable and largly welcomed. And for the price I wont be looking at swapping the cdp soon. But well surly experiment with isolating my pre/power, speakers in an atempt to see how far this path goes. Vincent CDS6mk2 Rega Apollo Usher P307a/R1.5 Rotel RB1092 JBL TL260 Chord Chorus2/Odyssey4/Power cord

- Beau B, INT
Q Feet - a revelation

having tried many feet under my cd player all to no avail I tried the QFeet with a degree of pessimism. I found, however that these were the feet I had been looking for all this time. My new Cyrus CD6SE sounded even better than ever, with a more vinyl-like presentation inasmuch it was not only detailing the attack of notes but also correctly portraying the decay and accoustics. The best $125 I have spent for a long time. Nice one, Audioquest.

- ken E, INT