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These things made a huge difference

Hello, Just wanted to tell youll how much I am enjoying the Cambridge 640 CD player and the Type 4 cables. I first put the CD player in my system to see what difference it would make. My wife and kids who are not into music like I am remarked that they heard a big difference. For me the brightness of my Pioneer Elite DVD player was gone and my system sounded very listenable for long periods of time. In fact I didnt tire of listening to it even at high volumes. Tonight I added the cables. I was skeptical that they would make any difference, but my God, they added so much bottom end, and Norah Jones and Holly Cole sounded upfront and center. All the instruments sounded more natural, and I was blown away. All this from cables that cost $110 for 2 runs of 10ft. As they say in Stereo Review, Very Highly Recommended. Thanks for carrying products that make sense, and not stuff that costs as much as a house for suspicious claims of improvement.

- Kevin D, TX