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WOW! What a difference.

I decided it was time for another upgrade. I needed something of higher quality than the Mogami XLR,s I was using. After narrowing my decision down to two, I called Joe Darmogray, and his advice saved me a couple hundred bucks. The Yukon XLRs made a noticeable improvement to my system. Very impressive. Thanks Joe.

AudioQuest Yukon IC Improves System Performance

I recently decided that my aging 30 feet of DH Labs BL 1 interconnect cable between my ModWright preamp and Odyssey monoblocks needed to be upgraded. As a result I contacted Audio Advisor and was fortunate to speak with Joe Darmogray. After asking me a few questions, Joe recommended AudioQuest Yukon because a 30 foot run requires a cable with excellent shielding from RF interference and my preference was for an IC that was warmer than my BL 1. After listening to my system for about 25 hours it’s apparent that AQ Yukon was exactly the right choice for me. AQ Yukon reveals low end content without artificially enhancing information; provides balanced tonality, smoother highs and improves my system’s signal to noise ratio. In addition, AQ Yukon has excellent resolution, with solo vocalists and well recorded pianos very realistically portrayed. Overall AQ Yukon makes my modestly priced system sound like I spent a lot more.

- Jay L, NJ