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pretty good, but get a decent DAC and allow time to burn in

for the first day or two I thought these were so bad I was ready to send them back. But, with 2 days continuous burn in, and a VDAC instead of my pcs dac, they really are quite decent. Im quite happy with them now, and expect theyll continue to improve with more burn in time and/or better electronics. In retrospect, I might have agonized over the larger A5 although I like the lively sound of these and their very small footprint really appeals to me. These have surprising mid and upper bass for the tiny size, and I like the minimal intrusion of the desktop that they offer. Low bass is nonexistent, of course. They get loud enough to hear over my treadmill, yet acoustic music sounds good while I work, too.

- C B, CA
Wonderful speakers by any standard

This has to be the ultimate audio buy of all time. I use them with my computer to play WAV files of mainly classical and jazz driven off of a Creative Labs X-Fi and an Audioquest interconnect. Lively sound with a VERY neutral midrange and a smooth not harsh treble.

- Rick Aylward, AZ
excellent sound, small space

I got these speakers to replace the lousy built in LCD TV speakers in the bedroom. Instant satisfying sound. Clear, bright highs, suprisingly strong clear base. Fits easily on the shelf w the TV and the dual input allows connection to the DVD player for CD/audio only. The volume could be more gradual on the low end and a remote volume control would be nice. For the price these deliver surprisingly good sound in a tiny space.

- Allen M, CA