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Fantastic little speakers

I bought these for a gift to bring music to another household and the size was just right. Hooked up to a Netbook, they were practically a portable music system that could actually energize a big room. They would be an excellent starter system for anyone who desires a product with relatively small footprint and a modern, but understated, appearance.

- Jonathan D, CA
Awesome little speakers.

Incredible sound and easy set up. Perfect fit for my PC desktop setup. Music sounds so good and gaming has so much detail. I was using a Logitech 5.1 system and the Audioengine A2+ takes up so much less space and is superior in every way with just the 2 speakers. I ordered them in white and the look fantastic. I am not using a subwoofer and I may add one sometime down the road but they have such a great sound without the use of a sub.I did pick up the stands which raise the speakers at an angle that improves the sound. I highly recommend the Audioengine A2+. Awesome little speakers!

- Gene p, NY
Awakened my PC!!!!!

Buy them. From an enormous sound stage to just plain easy on the ears sound, this pair of powered speakers has breathed new life in my PC sound system. I do have an older Infinity Sub hooked up to them which does help with bottom end but all things told these have given me smiles daily and cant believe it took me so long to take the plunge. USB hook up gives you the use of the built-in DAC and it truly makes a huge difference!! Im a single dad who always has to second guess purchases like this but I have given me a free pass on these beauties!!! Get them. You wont be disappointed.

- Dave M, MI