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I have used the N22 desk top amp to power two sattelite speakers with the Audioengine D1 DAC as in a trapezoidal alignment to get the most out of a near field configuration on my desk. From this persepective it is easy to see up close and personal one of the most versatile amp on the market embued with competencies few others can match its rich purposeful sonic clarity.. Purchasing the N22 if their were such a thing would be the equivalent to investing in a fresh pair of audio lungs that can either release a delicate band of air through the vocal chords leading to a clear quiet whisper; or produce a mighty wind that builds and spirals upward to a tiltilating cresendo, with the same energy as a musical shout. In either case Audioengine has managed to bring to market a device with a form factor that does not intervene physically, but manages to make its presence known in the air and space in the nearby room. It is hard to believe that even the stoutest critics will find fault with this 22w powerhouse. It is indeed that good.

- Mark -, OH