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cant get better fot the $ but...

I have been living with this preamp for years...and years. It is a great preamp. I have heard pre-amps that cost up to $12,000. While they do sound better, not 1000 times better. But....you need to upgrade the power supply. I replaced the generic wallwart 600-700 milliamps with a 2 amp regulated supply. HUGE improvement. With the std wallwart it sounds good. With the upgraded power supply and a high output cartridge I am using Ortophon 2M black so that you can keep the output gain control below the halfway point, it is a giant killer. Between the Ortophon OM4 I used to have and the upgraded power supply, I had an established record mixer tell me that there was not one thing missing of the record he was listening to. He could not only tell me which reverb unit the record mixer had used but what settings were used. Nothing else needs to be said.

- John K, IN
The Bellari VP130 phono preamp

Simply love it!

- John L, INT