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Needs improvement

I have been using the Node now for several months, but with its poor app and lack of streaming services as well as not fully developed features for those services, I will be going back to using the Sonos Connect for music services. I purchased the Node because of its ability to stream hi-res files as well as the fact that it offered Tidal streaming. I found the Bluesound app to be very disappointing coming from Sonos. The Tidal portion doesnt even have all the features of the Tidal App itself such as artist radio or an artist station. This is one of the most important features I use on Spotify or Pandora or Tidal. This issue has been addressed on the Bluesound forum but they just say they are looking at implementing the feature in a future update. I just started using my Sonos again since it now offers Tidal and the Sonos app offers all the Tidal features including stations. Why that wasnt included in the Bluesound app in the 1st place is beyond me. I have to assume the developers never even bothered to look at the Tidal App or Sonos app during the design process. Having been an early adopter of Slimdevices Squeezebox, I no longer have any interested in apps or products where the consumer becomes the Beta tester and you have to wait for incremental upgrades for features that should have been present in the 1st place. My node will now be relegated to streaming hi-res files only and Ill use my Sonos for streaming everything else. If I could return the Node, I would. If I had to do it over again, Id put that money into a high quality player such as one of the Bryston products for my hi-res collection instead.

- Victor T, FL
Great Sound!!!

The Node was recommended by an Audio Advisor Rep after I described my goal to him, which was to simply stream audio with good sound quality. I have the Node connected to my AV receiver, and the sound is great! I listen to Tunein stations on their IOS app, and I use Bluetooth to listen to all other streaming, mostly to Sirius/XM. I use the toslink connection, but the analog also sounds good. My demands are admittedly low, so Im sure that audiophiles will be satisfied.

- Ed B, OH