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extremelely effective isolation

this is a very effective way of tackling isolation, which eliminates irritating vibration noises and in many situation improves sound: place them under bookshelf speakers so they arent directly on a shelf and you will notice more defined sound right away. several other components also benefit from isolation, and the isonode feet work excellently. recommended.

- pablo l, CA
Cost effective route to damping/isolation. Works GREAT!

I placed a set of 4 under my CD player, and there was a noticeable difference! My speakers... Magnepan MG12QRs, and Velodyne powered sub are located only a few feet away from my components, so I needed to tackle vibration and isolation, but didnt want to spend too much money initially. I am pleasantly surprised at how much more resolute and precise my music now sounds! I can hear more air and detail throughout the audio spectrum. Especially on some of my reference HDCDs and SACDs! I wholeheartedly recommend this product as an inexpensive way to further perfect your audio or video rig!

- George P, OH