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Worth every penny

Paired with my Parasound JC2, the Bryston 4B SST2 make my Synchrony Ones sing from top to bottom like never before. The Bryston was an excellent choice and it didnt break the bank.

- Wilbur S, HI
Power in spades, superb musicality

Got this 4B to pair with a Bryston B100 preamp. Drives a pair of Vienna Acoustics Mozart SE speakers. Love the combo! Effortless dynamics, smooth extension, controlled, deeper bass. This 4B never runs too hot, only mildly warm, even at loud volumes. Plenty of reserve power for the most difficult passages of music. Wow! Highly recommended. Use quality interconnects to get the most out of this aamp.

- Pete M, ON
The Perfect Amplifier !!

I searched far and wide for the perfect amplifier to drive my Sonus Faber Cremona Ms. Wanting a solid state amp to compliment my Audio Research LS-27, I finally settled in with the 4BSST2. What a great choice !!! It is virtually dead silent and while driving a 4 ohm load, there is never a wanting for speed or power. Bryston made it an easy choice and I couldnt be happier.

- Bruce H, MI
4B-SST2 Review

Great amp; using this amp to drive a pair of Dali MS4s. These speakers love power and the Bryston 4B-SST2 can bring it. In combination with the Bryston 4B-SST2 I utilize a Cary SLP-98 pre-amp. The Cary brings the warmth & color and the Bryston brings the slam.

- L W, OR
Bravo Bryston!

I recently purchased this amp shortly after purchasing a pair of Paradigm Reference Studio 100s. I originally purchased Rotels modest RB-1080 to power these. It sounded pretty amazing, but I wasnt confident that the RB was quenching the power hungry thirst of the Studios, and the came the Bryston. I was absolutely correct. The Bryston brought these speakers to life. Thank you Bryston for building such an amazing amplifier at a fair price. In a world of automation and assembly lines, Brystons hand built amplifiers is a breath of fresh air.

- Ryan Z, OR
Power Beyond Belief!

After purchasing the Martin Logan Ascent electrostatic speakers back in 2001, I discovered that their infamous ability to drop below 2 Ohms resistance had fried, smoked or thermally shut-down high powered amplifiers from well-known manufacturers, which included: Adcom, Anthem, Parasound and Musical Fidelity. Out of sheer desperation, I finally bit-the-bullet by spending extra money for the highly acclaimed Bryston 4B SST˛. ***** OMG!!! The avalanche of super-clean high power coming from the Bryston’s 500-watts RMS per channel @ 4 Ohms, dynamically transformed the Ascents into a holographic soundstage, wide, deep and absolutely thrilling; which rivaled and at times, surpassed experiencing a live performance. The reserve power capability of the 4B SST˛ is mind-boggling. The amplifier is teamed-up with the Cambridge Audio Azur 840c CD player, both bought at Audio Advisor; and much credit to AA for honoring their 30-day return policy, as I had to trade-up, twice, before experiencing the power of Bryston 4B SST˛.

- Rich V, NJ