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The Perfect Amplifier !!

I searched far and wide for the perfect amplifier to drive my Sonus Faber Cremona Ms. Wanting a solid state amp to compliment my Audio Research LS-27, I finally settled in with the 4BSST2. What a great choice !!! It is virtually dead silent and while driving a 4 ohm load, there is never a wanting for speed or power. Bryston made it an easy choice and I couldnt be happier.

- Bruce H, MI
4B-SST2 Review

Great amp; using this amp to drive a pair of Dali MS4s. These speakers love power and the Bryston 4B-SST2 can bring it. In combination with the Bryston 4B-SST2 I utilize a Cary SLP-98 pre-amp. The Cary brings the warmth & color and the Bryston brings the slam.

- L W, OR
Bravo Bryston!

I recently purchased this amp shortly after purchasing a pair of Paradigm Reference Studio 100s. I originally purchased Rotels modest RB-1080 to power these. It sounded pretty amazing, but I wasnt confident that the RB was quenching the power hungry thirst of the Studios, and the came the Bryston. I was absolutely correct. The Bryston brought these speakers to life. Thank you Bryston for building such an amazing amplifier at a fair price. In a world of automation and assembly lines, Brystons hand built amplifiers is a breath of fresh air.

- Ryan Z, OR
Power Beyond Belief!

After purchasing the Martin Logan Ascent electrostatic speakers back in 2001, I discovered that their infamous ability to drop below 2 Ohms resistance had fried, smoked or thermally shut-down high powered amplifiers from well-known manufacturers, which included: Adcom, Anthem, Parasound and Musical Fidelity. Out of sheer desperation, I finally bit-the-bullet by spending extra money for the highly acclaimed Bryston 4B SST˛. ***** OMG!!! The avalanche of super-clean high power coming from the Bryston’s 500-watts RMS per channel @ 4 Ohms, dynamically transformed the Ascents into a holographic soundstage, wide, deep and absolutely thrilling; which rivaled and at times, surpassed experiencing a live performance. The reserve power capability of the 4B SST˛ is mind-boggling. The amplifier is teamed-up with the Cambridge Audio Azur 840c CD player, both bought at Audio Advisor; and much credit to AA for honoring their 30-day return policy, as I had to trade-up, twice, before experiencing the power of Bryston 4B SST˛.

- Rich V, NJ