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Incredible player - sounds analog!

Others have raved about this; see reviews above. Adjectives galore. So I will spare you the wine metaphors. There are 3 pieces of gear that I absolutely worship. 1. My Vienna speakers. 2. My BDA-1 DAC. And then theres this BDP-1. ******* incredible sound. Auditory realism from a dedicated computer! WTF?! I am shedding tears of auditory ecstasy and disbelief. ALL genres sound great on this beast. No harsh brightness, unless you use really hot tracks. Seems crazy, that a digital player can sound analog. But its true. BDP-1 plays digital files with insanity-inducing musicality Wait! Wheres my shrink?? Heck -- shes busy listening to her BDP-1!. Paired with my BDA-1, I am reminded of Bogie and Bacall, Torvill and Dean, Virtue and Moir, Montana and Rice, Gretzky and Kurri I told you -- no wine metaphors here. Synergy supremo. Unsurpassed recommendation.

- Pete M, ON
I love this thing.

I have now had this BDP-1 for a few months and I have to say it is the answer to my audio prayers. I find my self turning off the TV and listening for hours at a time. This device is the most revealing piece of equipment I have heard in years and it is soooo convenient. I have 72 days of music on a HD and I can sit there with my iPad and tap a song and it plays. Highly recommended.

- Randall T, CA