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Nice Work!

I am absolutely gobsmacked by the quality of sound coming from the BDP-2. I thought my MacBook Pro + DAC system was good, but there's no comparison. I'm not talking about a minor change. I'm talking a jaw-dropping holy-you-know-what improvement. Nice work Bryston!

- BG, DE
This was a surprise ..!

When i read about all kinds of stereo equipment and all the promises and claims of the manufacturers im always weary and sceptical .. This is not the case with this product ,it really delivers .. Even before the first one hundred hours of break in, i heard a difference in my system .. The soundstage and imaging was much more improved ,there was a difference in the quality or flavor in the audio coming from my system... There are much more expensive Media players out there but this is a sweet piece for my budget ... Now im able to take ALL of my favorite Jazz tunes and put them in a folder , convert the songs to the FLAC audio format, then download them onto a MINI-FLASH DRIVE ,insert the FLASH DRIVE in the rear of the unit and sit back and listen to this new sound coming from my system... The only negative point that i would like to make is, this unit does not come with a remote that is optional for a hefty price but other than that im very pleased with the purchased...!

- Tyrone S, NY