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My mono-block amps could not be happier!!

The Bryston BIT15 has been the piece of equipment that has brought in the most improvement to my system. I have mono-block amps that output 2000/channel driving the Maggies 3.6. The bass response was inconsistent at times. At night, the bass as deep, taught and well controlled. During the day, it was less deep, with much less impact. After introducing the BIT15 to my system I get the most awesome bass my system has ever produced. The bass just explodes, but with a lot of texture, definition and finesse. Voices sound like the singers have more air in their longs. Cymbals sound just like real thing. Regardless of the time of the day, the sound is just very consistent. Every power conditioner I connected my system to has reduced dynamics and bass impact. The BIT15 has put my system on steroids! Very highly recommended if you live in a city and want your amps get all the power they need.

- Jose I, NY