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It has been over 7 years since I set up my two-channel audio system. At the suggestion of a friend, I purchased this product and spent most of Sunday disassembling my system and conditioning all power cables, cartridge connections and interconnects. For the record, I am driving a set of JM Labs Utopias and a JM Lab bass-driver with a Rotel 1080, 1070 pre-amp and 1072 CD. I have an upgraded SL-1200; audiophile interconnects and stabilized quartz motor with a Shure V-15 Audiophile cartridge. In a word...AMAZING!!!. Separation, high and low end definition, soundstage and overall system peformance have improved over 25+% Degradation of your system due to oxidation of contacts is almost unnoticeable over time; the improvement was stupendous. Just buy this product, take a few hours and clean/treat all your connections. Can not recommend this product highly enough.

- Bruce N, PA