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Cambridge Audio 651P

Just bought one of these, as previously using the phono stage internal to my Rotel RC1070 pre amp and the 651P provides more detail and bass extension. The bass decay is far better on the 651P. A great phono stage. My only negative is the 55dB on the MC stage, it should have been 60dB minimum, but the phono stage is still quiet at 55dB gain with more volume applied on the pre amp

- Michael P, INT
A fine phono stage

This is a great sounding phono stage, a worthwhile upgrade from the 551p. My only gripe is the flimsy ground connection that is just threaded info the case, and strips easily. The first thing you should do to one of these is scrape the paint off around the ground wire hookup. This will make your ground connection much better and you wont have to tighten the thumbscrew so tight. I would give this 5 stars if it werent for this.

- Dave G, WV