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The Small Giant.

Incredible sound in at really small pack, Big Surprice!

- Oswaldo D, NJ
Just the right DAC!

I purchased this DAC for use with my SqueezeBox Touch, S/PDIF upgraded game consoles of the 90s, and my TVs Optical Out. All sound sublime with this DAC, especially 24-bit 96kHz material! I havent tried the USB input yet, so I cant speak to its performance. ABing the SqueezeBox Touchs coaxial and toslink outputs appears to reveal that coaxial inputs on this unit sound better. Id describe the difference between copper and optical to be more detailed with better sound staging - however slight the difference. Im using BJC interconnects for all connections to and from the unit and am not using USB at this time. ___Compared to the MF VDAC-II, the sound is more laid back - as in not in your face/very forward! Not the etched harsh super detailed sound of the MF. The detail of the MF V-DACII reminds me of detail and edge enhancements found on HDTVs set to Vivid mode... :S On top of that, there seemed to be audible artifacts of the up sampling on the MF, not to mention the tonal shift of this device - seems to bump up the treble. ___The fit and finish, packaging/box of the DacMagic 100 is top notch for the price. Im extremely pleased with this DAC as it exceeded my expectations!

- R G, WA