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Great sound and features!

I bought the StreamMagic 6 from Audio Advisor thru Amazon and am very pleased with the sound quality and features. I have switched over to FLAC files over my network and enjoy the convenience of this setup. I also purchased the Asset uPnP server which supports FLAC files via the network and this setup works great. Even the Android app works as expected. I experienced no problems with any item. There have been many complaints about the Android app locking up but that has not happened once during the week I have used it. Overall Im very pleased and would highly recommend this product. I never had to consult the user manual except to learn about uPnP servers. Everything was very intuitive and worked the first time I tried it.

- John H, IL
Great Entry Component for Streaming Music and Internet Radio

After many glitches setting up, I finally have Nirvana in my main listening system. Hint: if your ISP has provided you a router, ditch it and get a good quality one for around $100. I am hard wired to the home network and can command the Stream Magic from our Android phones or IPad. The quality of the DAC is great. I ditched our CD player and stream music from a NAS. It sounds better than the CDs did. Internet radio is something of great value. We find ourselves listening to that now 70% of the time. I would give this 5 stars but try to be conservative. I love it. Best piece of audio equipment I have bought in years. Now I can get back to vinyl!

- Dan R, WI