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I wrote the review below. There is something I need to add, because you need to know this before you buy this player. It is programmed to give a couple of seconds of silence between tracks; you can not over ride this. So if this is something you would not like, you need to know this before you pull the trigger. But if you need a player that will do more than red book CD, this is a good one.

- Marc B, NM
Unbelievably well made, for the money...built like a TANK!

Picked this up for my wifes desktop system. She required something that would play WMA and MP3 files, so she could hear her own recordings. This one fills that bill; no fuss, no muss. No searching for files...you just pop the disk in, it reads the TOC, and starts playing. 1st thing I noticed when I uncrated this thing was how heavy it was! The aluminum front plate is a full cm thats 3/8 inches! thick! The front panel is clean, simple, elegant. No unnecessary buttons or clutter. And the SOUND! It made my wifes little Korean HMD integrated system SING like Ive never heard it! Relaxed, even sound quality with very natural timbres. WHY couldnt entry level CDPs be this good 30 years ago? Good enough, to be considered for your big rig. Id like to steal it and place it in my system to hear how it fares, but I dont think Im going to get it away from her! Make sure you order a Pangea power cable for it at the same time, to save on shipping. Im giving this thing a 5 because it is gives much for so little. Highly recommended.

- Marc B, NM