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Worth every penny!

I have experimented with several iPod/iPad docks capable of retrieving the digital data stream and sending it to an outboard DAC: Onkyo, Cambridge & Wadia. While the Wadia i170 was the Gold Standard, until the i171 rolled out, the Cambridge definitely outperforms the Onkyo ND-S1, soup to nuts. My souped-up Wadia + CI outboard power supply is in my reference system and is substantially superior to the D-100 [it ought to at more than 3x the price of the D-100!], the D-100 has a distinct advantage over the Wadia, both i170 & i171. The D-100 is easily adapted to not only accept iTouch, iPod [most all of them}; but also the iPad! Without a special aftermarket cable, you cannot use an iPad with any of the Wadia docks! Personally, I feel the sound quality emitted from the iPad is superior to the other pieces. Trust me, you will be most happy with the D-100.

- Dave K, AR