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Electrical signals do not move at the speed of light. Only light moves at the speed of light. Electrons have charge and thus are slowed down by E and EM fields. Photons have no charge. Electrons move at somewhat less than the speed of light. Just had to clarify that.

- Dave J, AZ
Nice improvement

Put one on my Bryston 4B-SST2. Dynamics improved, along with a sense that music seemed more natural-sounding. Good product

- Pete M, AB
What an UBER power cord this is.

I have a SVS PB 13Ultra subwoofer and the Cardas Clear Beyond took it to liquid smooth levels with deeper and cleaner LFE over the Nordost Brahma power cord I replaced. The subwoofer now performs like it was meant to. No regrets

- George P, BC
Clear Beyond Power

Best power upgrade I have tried and I have had all the top Nordost cords except Odin in my system and this is better in all areas.

- Rich B, ON