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Cardas Clear speaker cable: perfect for my system

I now have Cardas Clear speaker cables using two pairs running in a bi-cable configuration with a dedicated stereo set for the top and bottom. In my system w/ the Revel Salon 2, Rowland 625, Rowland Chorus preamps and Rowland Aeries DAC, the Clear provides a remarkable sense of organic musicality, spatial depth/height and specific instrument location. I was frankly expecting that the new Cardas Clear in my system to be a bit analytical but it proves to be anything but. The system has a new level of sheer informational presence together w/ a speed and the best low frequency control and weight I have experienced w/ this system. FYI All other ICs are the newest Audience AE24 S running fully balanced. Very good match w/ the Cardas Clear. This was expensive but well worth the investment & I can see that these will likely be my last speaker cables. Bravo Cardas, great job and so

- Stephen S, TX