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Great Degausing Product

Love this Cardas LP. Has the best sweeps for degausing my system I've found anywhere. Try it. It really works.

- S.S. Peters, FL
Useful Product

This is my favorite system tweeking LP for all it offers. The break-in tracks are awesome and I always use them with new gear. I also like the degausing and ultrasonic cleaning tracks. The first time I used them they really seemed to clean up the sound.

- Russel D.Q., CA
Worth the Price

I find this record an invaluable tool for burning in a new phono cartridge, tonearm wire, tonearm cable, or phono stage. I just put on the repeating frequency sweep, turn off the power amp and let it run for a couple of hours. I noticed an improvement the first time I tried it and then more subtle improvements with repeated use. That feature alone is worth the price of this LP.

- Fleming, R., NY