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Not What I Expected

I just received this cable and I am disappointed with the low grade plug and IEC connector that is used. For a cable that costs $168.00, I just expected more. I am glad that I got mine on sale for $77.00 plus shipping charges. I will try it on my Infinity subwoofer and see if I can hear any improvement over a stock cable. I have also bought Pangea power cables, and I just love them. The construction is top notch. For the rest of my cables, I use DIY with WATTGATE PLUGS AND CONNECTORS, AND THEY ARE JUST INCREDIBLE. I have ordered some NeoTech Plugs and IEC connectors to try with some DH Labs power cable. I cannot wait to try it on my PRE/PRO when the parts get here and I get it put together. For the price that you pay for this Cardas Cable, I know that you can do better for the Price.

- Stephen J, OR