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Instant improvement

Running a Denon DL-110 on a Thorens TD-160. Was not satisfied with the phono on my Pioneer SX-5580 ...very thin sounding and a considerable volume increase was required. Zeroed in on the Clearaudo Nano because of the adjustable gain feature, the DL-110 is more medium output than high and was looking for anything close to 46dB of gain. Bingo! ... immediately blown completely away. Finally my records came alive and even the volume dial was consistent with my other inputs. Bass appeared in spades, and the overall tonal balance was spot on. The little Clearaudio Nano is very sturdy, with solid heft for the small footprint. I would recommend this phono preamp to anybody frustrated by their phono output compared their CD player.

- Don H, WA
great step up from 200 phono stage

Wow, A tiny little device with air and high resolution and more importantly warmth. I thought my rega rp3 and ortofon 2m blue was not up to par, but I guess my previous stage project phono box s did not have the pace rhythm and resolution for my audiophile system. It now for the first time sounds more engaging than my reference Oppo 105 cd player.. I am enjoying albums I thought were poorly recorded before.

- Dan H, DC