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Well Designed/High Performing Upgrade

Purchased the Furman Elite 15 PFi for mainly two channel music listening, as well as a 55 in Samsung LCD flatscreen. Equipment used: Rotel RA 1520 integrated amp, Rotel RB 1552 stereo amp, B & W 685 s2s, REL Strata III sub, Marantz CD 6004 player, Audioquest Black Mamba interconnect, Audioquest Rocket 44 bire wired speaker cable.. Not only does the Furman provide unbeatable protection, but it improved the bass dynamics and dispersion of the system. The soundstage also improved measurably. The greatest improvement was in the mid range and treble wihich is fuller, smoother and more detailed, without a hint of harshness. I have the integrated amp, stereo amp and sub plugged into the amp outlets on the Furman which provide additional reserves of power. Absolutely no compression of the sound when running the amps through the Furman. Excellent product. You wont be disappointed.

- David G, IL