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NOT Just A Surge Strip

First off, I live in a 7 story condo building. I never really knew what my A/C situation was but I assumed that given that there are 70 units in this building, it was probably not good. From the moment I plugged my system into the Furman PST8-D it changed - for the better. It wasnt just a little change either. I have Magnepan speakers and the increase in sound qualify of my electronics and what they were sending to the speakers was immediately obvious. I was hoping for this. However, what I was not expecting was the significant increase in picture qualify of my Samsung 55 inch LED. WOW! I was attributing the mediocre picture to my cable company. Not so! The way the PST8-D isolates the digital components really makes a difference. This is no toy. You notice that the moment you pick it up - it weighs a ton - for a surge strip. If someone had brought this to my place, hooked it up, and let me listen to the changes it made in both audio and video, and then told me it was $1000, it wouldnt have sounded out-of-line. YES, it is that good. I have been in high-end audio for 30 years and this is a steal! If you think you have A/C issues, give this a try first. For $185 you cannot go wrong.

- Tom V, FL
Pleasant surprise

I ordered this unit primarily for surge protection and the need for an 8-outlet strip, I wasnt particularly in need of nor convinced of its capabilities as a power line conditioner. I was wrong. While it is certainly serving its intended purposes well, I was really pleasantly surprised by the difference a high quality *power strip* makes with my A/V system performance. An immediate difference was noted with video, my new-ish 60 inch Samsung LED fed by Sony Blue Ray and Directv is simply sharper with much better tone and color resolution, and depth of field is more 3 dimensional - I am not a techie so forgive the simplistic characterizations - but the long and short of it is noticeably improved performance. Likewise with audio, its as if a veil was lifted. I have newer gear including 2 NAD 275BEE amps running in bridged mono, 165BEE preamp, 565BEE CD, AQ King Cobra interconnects, Morrow Audio SP5 speakers cables, Pangea HD24PCe HDMIs, and Sonus Faber Liuto speakers; I was shocked that the Furman PST8D made the most noticeable difference, contributing to better soundstage and detail than almost any other individual upgrade. I was and remain somewhat skeptical of snake oil upgrades in hi-fi, but this was a real find and a bargain to boot. Highly recommended.

- Paul B, VA