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Godar DXR 1000 For Shortwave

I've tried several shortwave antennas with various degrees of success. I wanted to try a vertical whip and decided to give the DRX 1000 a try. I'm pleased with the results, I've been able to receive stations from, Africa, Australia, Guam and many others on my Drake SW8. The antenna is not perfect no antenna is, but for me at this time it works.

- Michael S, CA
No good.

I purchased this antenna from Godar and I connected to my AM/FM Tuner .It did not do the job I was wishing it would do. First as I was outside on my roof ready to mount it as I pulled the antenna up easily the antenna pulled out of the base. I was very mad so I returned it and got another one , It did not do the job for me ! So I purchased the M.D. ST-2 FM antenna . Wow what a difference it works the best and built 100 times better that the Godar.. If I wanted a telescoping antenna I could use a pair of rabbit ears and it would be a heck of a lot cheaper that the Godar. I'm very happy with my M.D. ST-2 Antenna.

- Stephen F, CA
Great Antenna for FM Reception

I recently purchased the Godar DXR-1000 FM antenna to use with my two channel stereo. I have a Sony HD tuner and the Godar antenna allows me to capture stations that I couldnt get with the diploe antenna, and most other stations come in at least as well. Highly recommended!