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Grado devotee

I purchase the Grado Gold 1 and I have to admit that I was not all that impressed and I have been using Grado cartridges since 79 and have always been very satisfied but I put the turntable away for a long, long time and have got so used to that digital sound that when I put the new Grado on it was lacking some top end and tightness in the low end. Well I did my research and decided to give it another chance so I purchased a 8mz replacement stylus for it and within 3 albums the thing took on a hole new life, incredible upgrade and I have a spare gold stylus for my older grados, really an unbelievable change for the better, the bass is so tight now and the top end is incredible along with that magic Grado midrange, well worth the $340 total cost, I liked it so much I picked of another 8mz for another of my older grados and it rocked on it also. Do yourself a favor and google it you will be surprised at the followers. Thanks again Audio Advisor, Vinyl rules.

- Paul D, OR
Grado - Gold-1

I feel that the Grado - gold is o.k. but my old station 881-s is better cartridge, it has more life to the musics, plus i had a grado -8 it had to go back to mft. the grado co never sent me anything for my cart,or money

- Blyden w, CO