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Great Performance

Replaced an Ortofon which was supplied with the turntable. Very happy with this cartridge! Excellent and wide soundstage, very clear with no smearing, and great tracking. Listened to several LPs after setting it up and was increasingly impressed with each listen. This is a very satisfying and neutral cartridge. For the money, it's very difficult to beat. Highly recommended.

- Larry B, CA
Proves you dont have to spend more to receive more

Although I dont recommend Grado for direct drive turntables hum, for belt drive models, it is very, very good. For the retail price of $95, I think it is much better than the Ortofon Red. It is truly a smooth cart which can produce details sound without the overemphasis of bass or highs. Someday I may improve my Grado Green ... with a Grado Red.

- Audiolad L, GA
Cant Beat the price!

I mounted this cartridge on a Technics SL-7 which has been refurbished and had some mods done to it. Sounds GREAT! No hum as with some turntables. Tight bass, smooth mids and clean highs.I am pretty picky when it comes to phono cartridges so I am very happy with this GRADO.

- Mike A, PA
best specs and sound for the money

I have installed the Prestige Green on my Pro-Ject debut turntable. It has replaced the factory Ortofon 5ME that came with it. First off, the bass response is awesome, not hollow but very tight. The midrange is very smooth and very pleasant. The high frequency response is also very clear. The low tracking 1.5g is also a plus. You cant find better specs or a better sounding cartridge for the money.

- John H, FL