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The Sound of Real, Live Music

Grados are unique among the many phones available. They are virtually the only phones that actually sound like real, live music - simply pristine in all respects. Sure they may not be as accurate, as some other phones, but accurate sound is not tantamount to realistic sound. Just as with tube amps, a little distortion is a good thing - which it is with Grados. Organic tone, tenor, texture, soundstage... whatever the criterion, Grados excel in all respects. Of course you must have a well matched amp and source with low impedence and high current output to hear their true sound and avoid the common misconceptions of limited soundstage, strident / harsh / rough highs, etc. Those comments are often made by those who have never driven them with a proper set up - they have never really heard their true sound. And the RS-1s / RS-1is are close to the top of the heap in the Grado line. The PS1000s and PS500s are superb, but the RS-1s / RS-1is may actually sound better with rock, blues, jazz and acoustic music - its a close call, which only you can make. Try them with a well matched set up - you will be amazed!

- Gradofan A, TX