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The joy of listening with quality headphones

Its been a while since Ive used headphones. I bought the SR-125is on a whim, not expecting a whole lot. But I have to say that Im really enjoying them. Stereophile was on target in describing them as neutral and warm At the moment, Im using them with an inexpensive Yamaha receiver. Still, Im enjoying the sound. Admittedly, Im not being very critical at the moment - just enjoying another cool way to experience the music I love. Thanks Grado.

- Jonathan B, NJ
great sound but not built to last

i have owned the SR125 not the new SR125i. love the sound of these headphones, however i have gotten through two pairs in 8 years, and this is the last straw. Each ear allows 360 degree rotation so you have to be very careful not to get them twisted. both pairs suffered the same problem, the outer sheath tears at the Y connector and the inner wires get twisted and break. It really is a poor design and they should offer lifetime guarantees if they wont change it.

- Mark T, CA
Not for Heavy Use

Purchased for my on as a gift 9 monhs ago fr iTouch use. He absolutely loves them better than ear buds. They are breaking up on one side when you giggle the cord going into the headphone. They don;t ake abuse well.

- Paul J, MD
Grado Means Great Headphones

Grado makes some extraordinary headphones that have fantastic sound recreation abilities at each price level. These SR125is have a very true sound that needs a good system behind it or the limitations of system or even the source material will be quickly revealed. When listening to the 125s I will often hear elements that I did not notice before, so they are an upgrade that reveals more of what was there all along. Another veil has lifted in the search of good sound. Proper adjustment of the head band is crucial for your comfort, get it right and youll be a lot more happy wearing these. They have been a boon to my listening time, making so much fresh and new again in my music library. I am confident you will enjoy them too.

- John E, CA