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my unprofesional review of the iGi

First off I have been a long time lover of HI-FI. I own a pair of Grado SR60Is and wanted an in-ear better than the skullcandys i have been using which was causing ear fatigue. I didnt want to pay $500 plus so thought I would try the iGis. Initially they are bright but after a 10hr break-in using the sheffield test & burn-in cd they have warmed up considerably. the mids are smooth, the bass is tight and defined and does go low. the treble is the only area where these lack where s and ch sounds are a bit exagerated but like I said I wasnt going to spend alot and for the price these are comfortable, smooth, detailed and most of all non-fatigueing. I should also state I am using a HeadRoom Total Bithead off my Ipod which I recommend also.

- Ken B, MI
Hands down, best phones under $100!

I like my headphones to sound smooth and clear. I dont like harsh highs or boomy bass. These sound honest to me and reflect the original recording pretty accurately. They have good bass and highs, but not too much. I have compared to Klipsch, Bose, and Denon, among others, and these are definitely better. Good job, Grado!

- Matt H, CA