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Pleasant Surprise

I have had this amp for about one month. When I first hooked it up and took a listen,I thought Oh oh,this thing doesnt sound very good. I decided to run music through it for @ 8 hours straight without listening. When I put the headphones back on and listened-pure magic! This is a wonderful sounding,solidly built product. You owe it to yourself to give it a chance.I am very pleased with this amp. You will be too.

- Peter F, AZ
Great Little Headphone Amp/Dac for the price!

This little wonder could be made a little better, but it sounds good. Righe now I am listening with Grado SR325I,with a old Musical Fidelity X-RAY cd player. The sound is a slight bit grainy at high levels, but overall I am very pleased with this unit. I reccomend it.

- Don D, NY
Nice little headphone amp/DAC

This EF2A could be made better, but it works great.I am listening to a portable cd player with Sennheiser HD600 headphones, and it sounds great. For the price it is well worth it!

- Don D, NY
Exceptional Perfomance for the Price

This little amplifier is an excellent performer right out of the box, and is a great complement to my Sennheiser HD-595s. The EF2A delivers balanced sound that is neither too bright nor too punchy. This amp is a great value, but this particular unit loses a star on the finer details: It favors the left can by about 15% at very low volumes and nearly all of the inputs are positioned noticeably off-centered/skewed relative to the casing. This seemingly small detail really does downgrade its otherwise stunning appearance. In addition to its apparent sloppy placement, the DAC input is not well anchored. At this price, I give the EF2A a recommended buy, but a bit more attention to detail on the manufacturing floor would give this amp a higher quality appearance.

- Michael B, MI
Great value

This little wonder is a great value for listening to DVDs & CDs on a computer. Plenty of punch- even with high impedenance headphones. Much more than a similarly priced competitors DAC/headphone amp product that relies solely on power from the USB cable. Very open sound stage with good detail. Its built like a tank, too. A quality product you wont find elsewhere for this price.

- David G, PA