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Unbelievably well made....

20 years ago, I bought a Sennheiser HD 580 from AA. Paid $300 retail, and glad to get it too, as it was at that time a Stereophile Class B set of cans. Sonically, they have stood the test of time. But after 20 years, the material underneath the earpads is actually starting to ROT, as is the material between the drivers and and the earpads. So, I thought it was time to try another set of cans. Enter the HE 300s. I dutifully broke them in for 150 hrs, as the manual suggests. Cut to the chase...sonically, these are very close to my beloved HD 580s. The difference is subtle. There seems to be a very broad and narrow dip in the midrange, compared to the Sennheisers, maybe 1 db or so. The HE 300s seem to be a bit better at pulling apart all the rhythmic details of the music, and giving it to you in a relaxed way. But the HD 580s are a bit warmer sounding, and seem to give you a bit more of the SOUL of the music. My take, your choice. Both are excellent cans. I returned these because they were just not as comfortable as the HD 580s. Dont get me wrong; these cans werent bad in that regard. Its just that the Sennheisers are SUPERB in that area, and once Id put them back on, my body would whisper Keep these... So I did. But I have a really big head 62 cm circumferance, size 7 and 5/8s. With a more average size head, these would no doubt be more comfortable. And take note, these things are FANTASTICALLY put together, especially for the money! They should last a lifetime. So if you have a normal size head, and are looking for an all purpose set of cans, and dont need sound isolation, I can recommend these.

- Marc B, NM