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Heavenly Headphones?

HE-560s are a great headphone which should cost more based on what the competition audeze and sennheiser are charging. I will even go as far to say depending on the type of music you listen to, they sound even better then some of the lauded cans out there. The HE-560s are very musical. These sound extremely detailed. These cans can rock. The bass gets low. The mids are full. The treble isn't harsh, but it isn't at all mellow. It is revealing. And if you prefer a airyness to your music, you'll be in love.

Arthur S
They Are Really That Good

The HE 560 headphones are very spacious is their presentation also quite accurate. At this price you can't go wrong and I strongly recommend these hp's to anyone looking for an exceptional sound -they are really that good.

- J. Keith M, KS
Truly Fantastic

These are truly fantastic headphones! Bought them back in November, 2016,. To get the most out of them I decided to buy a dedicated headphone amp and got the Woo WA6 and they sounded even better. You just can't go Wong with Woo. I like the open construction so I can hear the wife yell for me couldn't hear through my closed Audio-Technica ATH-M50x headphones. There is no comparison to the sound improvement. The ATH-M50x is OK, the HE-560 is a whole other dimension to my listening pleasure.

- Howard Yoa, CA
Great HEadphones

The sound quality I would easily give 5 stars as they are one of the best overall headphones you can find in this price range. They do everything well even if there are areas you wish they did better. I can listen to any genre of music and be happy. From instrumentals of various genres, to metal as well as softer rock, to classical, to various music around the world, to garage bands. The HE560s do a good job in all those genres. For some reason the piano is the one instrument that really shines on these and I love songs with great piano play now. I wish it generated more bass but the bass it generates is very tight and accurate so its hard to be mad at it. I replaced the stock headphone cable with the Cardas Cross headphone cable and believe they sound better with the $280 Cardas cable. That's why I'm knocking off one star.

Steve Vanden
Match Made in Headphone Heaven

Comparing with my more expensive Senn 700s and Stax these phones easily match up with them. I currently have them paired with the Woo WA7 amp which IMO is a match made in headphone heaven. The definition separation and soundstage are all excellent. The sound is accurate and balanced across the sound spectrum without getting too analytical like some headphones can. The build is also superb.

- HP Guru, MN
Great 'Phones

They are great headphones IMO. I still have my HE500 and will keep them. They sound different than the 560 and that's what makes them both appealing. If you have the $ to buy these, they sound good even with the stock cable, but be sure and give them a 24 hour burn-in for best results. I upgraded mine to the Cardas Cross cable and now they sound even better.

- Warren, M.D., MD
Better than my HD650s? 400i? Yes

The Sennheiser HD-650 has been a favorite of me for years. A little while ago I purchased my first Hifiman headphone, the HE-400i, and I was very impressed. Well of course I wanted to see if there was something I might try as an upgrade. When the HE-560 went on sale I could not longer resist trying something a little more upscale in the Hifiman stable. Is the HE-560 better than the 400i? Yes. Directly off my iPhone I can't tell much difference but when connected to my Oppo HA-1 headphone amp - yes, differences quickly emerge. The 560 sound more accurate and detailed - more fine-tuned. I'm keeping both headphones in my collection because I used them in different settings.

- Chang Yu, TX

Mind-blowing! Amazingly comfortable for such a big headphone. Sound Quality: My Congratulations Dr. Fang Bian, the HE560 is a testament to your technical and musical prowess.

- Lin F, HI
Really is a treat with the right hardware

I picked up a pair of HE 500s from Audioadvisor and I was impressed with the soundstage, base and resolution. I had read mixed reviews of the HE 560, but when I added the Cardas Clear Light cable in the same setup I am running with IFI system they really sound VERY good. The detail, attack, transients, decay and sound stage are excellent. I have to say they have bested my HE 500s which I am currently selling.

- Kevin K, FL
Very Good

I have the HE500 and 560. They are different and I like them both. Upgraded the cord of the 560 to Black Dragon v3. Really brings out the best in them. Another reviewer didn't think they were too great but I suspect his system didn't allow the 560 to shine. They need good hardware to drive them, an amp with good power to make them work. Otherwise, one might do better with something cheaper.

- Jay C, CA
Not better than HE300

I bought Hifiman HE300, two years before, its $150. I got HE560 last week and compare my old HE300 after 150 hours break-in. I cant say that the sound with any different, it is just little comfortable than HE300.

- John L, NY