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Really is a treat with the right hardware

I picked up a pair of HE 500s from Audioadvisor and I was impressed with the soundstage, base and resolution. I had read mixed reviews of the HE 560, but when I added the Cardas Clear Light cable in the same setup I am running with IFI system they really sound VERY good. The detail, attack, transients, decay and sound stage are excellent. I have to say they have bested my HE 500s which I am currently selling.

- Kevin K, FL
Very Good

I have the HE500 and 560. They are different and I like them both. Upgraded the cord of the 560 to Black Dragon v3. Really brings out the best in them. Another reviewer didn't think they were too great but I suspect his system didn't allow the 560 to shine. They need good hardware to drive them, an amp with good power to make them work. Otherwise, one might do better with something cheaper.

- Jay C, CA
Not better than HE300

I bought Hifiman HE300, two years before, its $150. I got HE560 last week and compare my old HE300 after 150 hours break-in. I cant say that the sound with any different, it is just little comfortable than HE300.

- John L, NY