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A Must For HIFIMAN HE-6 Owners Who Use Speaker Stereo Integrated Amps

If you find your amp or receivers headphone jack output impedance creates a serious headwind requiring a gain setting abnormally high, as well as impairing sound quality, this device will solve that problem. I own a Yamaha R-S700 receiver rated at 100 RMS watts per channel and using the HE-6 headphone I had to increase the gain or volume setting to around +5 db to obtain moderate volume The output impedance of the headphone jack is 470 ohms at 410 mV. The HE-6 is also considerably inefficient. With the use of the HE-ADAPTER the headphone gain or volume level to achieve a moderate volume is around -27 db; a substantial reduction in the load required by the receiver. Thats a result of the adapters 35 ohm rating. The performance is enhanced as well. I also have a NAD Stereo Integrated Amplifier C 375BEE DAC rated at 150 RMS per channel with a headphone jack output impedance of 68 ohms and the HE-6s work fantastically from that unit without the need for this adapter.

- John H, CA