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they look a bit simple but they are fine

- victor hugo castillo garcia, INT
Amazing, yet affordable

I have never enjoyed using earbuds due to experiences that were less than satisfactory. I have an old version of Ultimate Ears form fit earbuds that I purchased in Nashville. The sound of the Ultimate Ears is good but lacks definition in the lower register. The highs were muted and the sound stage was acceptable. Although the unit is form-fitting to my ears it is not a totally comfortable item for long listening. Always interested in HiFimans products, I own an 801 player, I decided to research the RE 600. After gathering positive reviews, I went online to HiFimans website and noticed the dramatic drop in price. I turned to Audio Advisor and made the purchase about a week ago. The unit came within two days. I have been extremely pleased with the fit of the earbuds. It is comfortable and the company offer numerous choices to accommodate different types of ears. I am still in the process of breaking in the RE 600. However, I can state, after just 3 days of listening, that this is one of the best sounding ear pieces that I have ever had the pleasure of using. I have Sennheiser HD 650, HD 600, HD 580; Audio Technica M50 and Focal headphone--just to name a few The RE 600 compares wonderfully and in many ways better in sound stage presence, detailed mid-range and relatively tight bass. The upper register becomes more liquid as the days pass and I expect the smoothness that were stated in the reviews in a few more days of use. Spend the money on this unit, or any of the other HIFiman products and throw away the dreadful earbuds that come with all the mobile electronics these day. Highly recommended! Ian