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Good headphones for the price

I have auditioned many headphones and the Spirit One is one of the very best, for the price. In comparison with the Grado 325, the sounds of both are fairly close with the Grado being slightly more clear at the upper end. While the Grado sound stage is more closed, the Spirit One feels more open. Both units do not handle the more complex music with the aplomb of the Sennheiser HD650 or the HD600, or the Ultrasone Pro 750. Eminently listenable and portable, this pair of headphones shines in comparison with the B&W P3. I have the P3 and notice that the bass response of the P3 to be slightly exaggerated while the Spirit One is more natural. I recommend this headphone to anyone who enjoys listening to music, all types of music. It interfaces with all types of portable players, including the HiFiMan HM801.