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Great Cable

This is a great speaker cable with an open, precise and clear sound and great focus. Tonal colorations are minimal. For best results use with good, neutral electronics and speakers.

- Sanchez A, CA
Every Sort Of Music Sounds Better

I like these Kimber Kables - plain and simple. And that fairly describes the cable because its neutral and conveys the music without adding its own colorations. Compare with my home-made speaker wires the sonic change was - Wow! Every sort of music just sounds better.

- Francois, INT
Five Stars!

Love this cable! In each system I tried it I have found the sound to be very immediate, transparent and focused. I've tried it with NAD, Marantz and Cambridge Audio amps and it sounds sweet with each one. My speakers are NHT and older Quads. Before 4TC is was using AudioQuest Type 4 and I got a jump in clarity with no loss in bass response. Five Stars!

Jewel Z
A Keeper

Called Kimber before I bought these from 'Advisor and they are nice folks. They offer straight talk about their products and don't try to push any sort of snake oil BS. With 4TC my system has tighter bass and sounds quicker with greater clarity in the mids and highs. This cable is not any type of tone control for bad audio components - what you put in is what you get out, period. I tried it with my old Klipsch horn speakers and with my newer Monitor Audio Silvers and it sounded great with both. Defnitely a keeper.

- Steno P, ME
Quiet Remarkable

After connecting I put on Nora Jones and felt I was hearing her voice for the first time. The music was much, much more detailed. The 4TC brought out the best my CD/amp combo was able to produce. I always had a great soundstage, but there was never this detail in my system before. Quiet Remarkable.

Matthew Henry
Try It!

Hooking up the 4TC it was the first time I heard a BIG difference that good speaker cable can make in the sound. I tried a number of less expensive cables before bought online and from my local Best Buy store, but could not hear much difference. This one was totally and immediately different. I noticed better transparency, detail, frequency extension, tight imaging, no muddiness and better dynamics. Overall the music presented by 4TC is more lively and immediate. If you are using ordinary speaker wires then I recommend to try this one in your system.

J.T. Jr
No Joke

Music is my magic. A few years ago I bought my first good cable - Kimber PGJ Interconnect and it made a huge difference in my system. Now I just changed from naim speaker wire to Kimber 4TC and - WOW - I'm no longer alone in my room there's an entire orchestra in here with me!! Ok, I'm not getting enough sleep. It's bad. I'm staying up way to late at night going through my music collection again. No joke, this cable is really that good.

- Handsome Pete, CA
This is it

If you can afford it, get these cables. I tried Kimber 4VS which is half price and liked the warmish detailed sound but when I hooked up the 4TC I got so much more. More detail, big bass, airy treble, and more. The mid-band warmth is still there. Stereo imaging is fantastic and the soundstage that was good is now even deeper. I'm giving it only four stars because its expensive for wire, but it really is worth it.

- Harvey K, KY

I have only listened for a few days and I've already retired my old 'faithful' Audioquest Type 4 speaker wires. They were good enough for a long time, but now that I've heard the Kimber, time to move on. The Kimber is significantly more transparent. Highs are not only extended but smoother and have more details than I've heard before. Mids also are smooth and purer than I heard before. The magic with these cables is really in the fine details I'm hearing on my records. Its exactly like a pair of binoculars in finer focus. I'm hearing 'into' the records like I never was before. Its so real sometimes I feel like I can walk up and shake the performers hand after the performance. Real? No Unreal!

Al Reed
Cable Made Me A Believer

My soundstage on my Magnepans is now HUGE with these cables. Imaging is impeccable - reviting. This cable made a believer out of me. Trash your old generic cables at once!

- Lin J, VA